In-clinic treatments

In-clinic treatments:
Naprapath or physiotherapist treatment
If you are in need of effective treatment, whether it is in acute or chronic stages, our therapists will treat problems from both muscles and joints, what we call ”the movement system”. The aim of any treatment is to reach a relief in symptoms but also to optimize function and movement, even with complicated conditions of pain. Our patients are young and old, from children to elite athletes. We consider all of our patients to be unique and we take pride in what we do to ensure the best possible treatment based on your specific needs.

While everyone is unique, a series of treatments usually consists of two to six appointments. Making the right diagnosis is followed by manual treatment, concrete advise and exercises customized for your specific needs.

Before your first visit with your therapist here at Stockholms Rehabklinik Kista it is essential that you prepare a description of how and when your discomfort started and how your symptoms have varied over time. This is something your therapist will want to know and will help you in your way to recovery.

All of our treatments are adapted to your specific needs as a patient and may sometimes consist of shockwave treatment or acupuncture.
The price for an in-clinic treatment is 700 SEK.

Our massage treatments

Our massage treatments:
Stiff and sore muscles are the cause of many problems. Through massage and other muscle treatments these problems can be relieved or completely disappear. Our massage treatments are focused on achieving results, effectively targeting the problem area. At our clinic we have our physiotherapists and naprapaths performing massage treatments. The price for a massage treatment, lasting 45 minutes, is 800 SEK, including VAT.