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At Stockholms RehabKlinik Kista we have highly qualified therapists and we emphasize each therapists professional skills to always ensure the best possible care and results. All therapists are members of their respective professional association and thereby have liability insurance.

Each visit starts with a medical history (your story) and a thorough examination in order to make an accurate diagnosis and to identify the cause of your symptoms. Based on the examination, the therapist then determines which treatments would be best suited for you. In addition to providing you with quick and professional care, we also think long-term in order for you to remain symptom free.

Our naprapath and physiotherapy treatments

For those of you looking for effective help both with acute and long-term issues from muscles and joints (what we refer to as the musculoskeletal system) we offer effective treatments for complicated pain conditions as well as optimization of function and movement.

We work with both younger and older patients, as well as with children and athletes at a very high level. Everyone is unique and so are his or her problems. Diagnostics and manual treatments are interspersed with practical advice and exercises tailored to your condition and needs. Although every patient is unique, a normal series of treatments usually consists of anything from two to six treatments. Before your first visit with us, it is good to think through how your symptoms emerged and how they have altered over time - this is important information for us!

Our massage treatments

Stiff and sore muscles are the cause of many problems. Through massage and other muscle treatment, problems may be alleviated.

Our massage treatment is focused on results and the therapist treats the problem area effectively. At our clinic in Kista we have licensed physiotherapists and naprapaths performing massage treatments. A massage treatment lasts for 45 minutes and the cost is 800 SEK, VAT included.

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