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Ergonomics – prevent work-related disorders

Ergonomics – prevent work-related disorders. The use of good ergonomics at your work place can minimize potentially harmful strain on your body and many work-related injuries can be prevented or completely avoided. During our analysis, we make an individual assessment of each workstation. We begin by looking at the task assigned, the way the work place is currently designed and any current discomfort the employees may experience while performing their work. On site, we make the adjustments to these workstations that we consider necessary. We emphasize informing the staff of potential risk factors and working for positive change in behaviors. Additional guidance is offered when the need arises.
Often we start with a lecture before we meet every employee one on one. Based on your requests, we then write a report of our findings and proposals for improvements.

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Lecture - Stand up for your back and health

Lecture - Stand up for your back and health
Listen to some of the latest research on the benefits of avoiding a prolonged sedentary lifestyle and how it affects your health negatively. In an inspiring way, key points to consider are explained in this lecture. With a mix of theoretical knowledge and tools for practical behavioral change, we offer insights into the benefits of standing. Standing and activity are discussed in relation to work, leisure and training.
Lecturer Niklas Höglund is a licensed naprapath with further education in OMI (Orthopaedic Medicine) with a special interest in how the back and body responds to load and mechanical stress.

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